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Residential Services

From the most common IT related needs like PC troubleshooting and clean-up to more complex issues like virus and malware removal, we do it all. We also do more than that!  See below for our services and costs*.

Computer Sales, Setup, Service and Training

Are you in the market for a new computer?  We can help you find the right system(s) based on your needs. You will not be sold a $3,000 gaming system, when all you are interested in is email, light web surfing and the ability to type up a letter here or there. Power user? We can get you or recommend to you the right system.

We can also set-up, service and train you on your system, whether you purchased your product through us or not.

$85.00 / hour + mileage, if applicable.  $75.00 / hour for drop off service.

File backup and recovery**

We can back-up your files and provide recovery services in certain cases.

$85.00 / hour + mileage, if applicable. $75.00 / hour for drop off service.

Malware / Virus Removal and Computer Cleanup

Is your computer running slow? We can clean it up and remove most viruses and put controls in place to mitigate future risk and exposure.

$85.00 / hour + mileage, if applicable. $75.00 / hour for drop off service.

In-Home Internet Installation

Getting internet or switching providers? We can get your computer back online.  Internet subscription from a local provider is required.

$85.00 / hour + mileage, if applicable.

Personal Website Development
It happens. Families want a website or perhaps a small business is ran out of the home.  We can design and build it for you. We can event take and process photographs for your site as well.

Cost: $85.00 / hour + mileage, if applicable.

Home Theater and Television Installs
Ah-ha!  You thought we only do computer related services. No. We do more. We can set-up and configure your home theater system as well.

Cost: $85.00 / hour + mileage, if applicable.

Virtual Service
We can provide remote service for common routine services such as system clean up, application set up and configuration and other applicable services as needed.

$75.00 / hour.

*Costs are subject to change and are current as of January 1, 2023. Please contact us for any updates on current pricing.

**File backup can be provided on customer's own external device. We can acquire external media for backup 
at additional cost.  File recovery is only available when data device is in an operational state.

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