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Imagine Technologies and Consulting, LLC

With over 20 years of IT experience, Imagine Technologies and Consulting can provide solutions for your IT needs.  We specialize in residential and small business solutions. Our no pressure approach has helped many individuals and companies embrace the rapidly changing world of technology. 

Does your computer have a virus or malware?  Is it running slow?  Perhaps it is time to upgrade or maybe you need training.  We can help you decide the the proper approach.

Are you a new or existing business looking to get into the 21st century?  From web design, to small business IT solutions and services and training, we can help.

Looking to establish an IT foundation for your new or existing business?  

Perhaps you may need assistance with researching fraudulent activities. We can help you

Our Services

"John is very helpful, knowledgeable and quick to respond to requests for help. He is very willing to do research when he is unsure about how to do something"

Esprit Counseling

Ready to find out more?

Regardless of your residential or small business IT situation or needs, it doesn't hurt to make a quick call to get you back on the right path.  Connect with us now to discuss your situation and see how we can help you or your business (re)gain efficiencies.

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